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Intelifaz has been at the forefront of the development of IoT and data-enabled Agricultural applications.

Custom AgTech Solutions tailored to your unique agricultural challenges

Intelifaz solutions can integrate with the tools and systems you already use, like farm management software, IoT sensors, ERP, and accounting systems. Our custom AgTech apps are easy to learn and use for everyone, from managers to field workers. Simple user interfaces and intuitive workflows minimize the learning curve and increase adoption


Advanced Computer Vision and Artificial Intelligence technologies can provide actionable intelligence critical to optimizing operations, quality, and yield, monitoring crop health, and managing water and climate impact. 


Intelifaz software solutions are built to scale with your needs over time. Additional data sources, more complex analytics, more users, more sensors, and more acres under management… our future-proofed solutions will lower the total cost of ownership over time.

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We’ve Got All the 

Technologies Enabling AgTech

AgTech is dependent on a suite of digital technologies that are core competencies at Intelifaz.

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Requirements Analysis

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UX Design

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Front End web and mobile Development

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Back End and Cloud Development

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Device management and IoT configurations

API Integration

API Integration with state compliance systems

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ERP / CRM Integrations

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Integration with AgTech sensors, irrigation systems

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A trusted Agtech technology partner

Quantum Leaf, an Agtech startup servicing Cannabis growers partnered with Intelifaz to design and build a seed-to-harvest crop management app that not only optimized agricultural operations but also provided the comprehensive audit trail and tracking that state regulations require.  


Xterroir is a startup with a patented Computer Vision technology that will revolutionize wine grape agriculture. Xterroir chose Intelifaz to handle all the UX/UI and application development for their software.

Our AgTech Development Starts in the Field

Discovery starts in the field alongside farmers, agronomists, and service providers. It’s here that we identify the biggest challenges facing the operation. Then, to create an innovative solution that fits with the unique crop, microclimate, land, labor, and equipment environment of the operation we draw on an array of technologies from our AgTech toolbox.

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Sensors connected to the internet can measure a range of parameters impacting crops, such as the moisture and chemical/biological composition of the soil, weather conditions, and the light spectrum of LEDs for indoor operations.

Actuators are used to control the physical world by converting signals from the IoT system into physical actions. Actuators can control irrigation and mitigation measures in the field and lighting, ambient temperature, and fertigation in indoor growing environments.

The data sensors generate when fed to an Intelifaz application provide real-time monitoring of crop status and information for statistical modeling or training AI. IoT can be the platform for robotic, sensor, drone, and GPS solutions.




GPS (Global Positioning System) is widely used in many aspects of agriculture, for detailed field maps, yield maps, soil analysis, livestock monitoring, and the precise application of fertilizers and pesticides. It’s also used for automating operations like steering tractors. Intelifaz can integrate GPS and its benefits into your Intelifaz custom AgTech solution.

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Drones can provide the images needed for Computer Vision applications at resolutions that are much higher than is possible with satellite imagery. Drones are also used for spraying and seeding. Intelifaz can interface with drone software to control functions or ingest data from the device.

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Precision agriculture that employs the abovementioned technologies generates mountains of data. Raw data isn’t of much use to humans but AI can process that data and produce actionable intelligence. Intelligence to monitor crop growth and soil conditions in real-time, to inform decisions about irrigation, fertilization, and pest control, and predict future crop yields and decisions concerning planting and harvesting times.

AI-powered tools are being used to monitor animal behavior, health, and growth rates, enabling farmers to identify and treat potential health issues early and improve overall herd management.

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Innovation is part of our DNA

We are unique among development firms in the amount of pure R&D, patent IP development, research partnerships, and open-source projects we engage in. This uncompromising commitment to innovation enables us to bring you the most advanced custom software development services and developer talent in the world.

Check out the open-source AppDev platform Intelifaz created:  THE MAT|R PROJECT

Intelifaz patented a method for self-updating apps upon which the platform is built. Intelifaz designed and built a programming language, parsers, JSON spec, and dedicated collaborative cloud-based IDE, among other components, for the project.

Engaging with Intelifaz
on a Development Project

Engagements with Intelifaz generally start with a free, no-obligation strategic assessment of your unique needs.


At Intelifaz we don’t do one size fits all. Every customer solution has its own unique challenges and requirements.


After a free strategic comprehensive review of your needs, we will put together recommendations for the most cost-effective, maintainable, and scalable technology solution for your business, as well as cost and time estimates.