Intelifaz has taken the lead on developing clean sheet innovations that have transformed the customer experience for the Copy & Print division.


A seamless Cloud-to Manufacturing B2B and B2C Workflow for Print-on-Demand at Office Depot


Office Depot has annual sales of approximately $11 billion, and about 38,000 associates. In the United States they operate 1,400 retail stores, e-commerce sites and a business-to-business sales organization.

Like all of its competitors in the print on demand space, in 2015 the online process of configuring and ordering Copy and Print products at Office Depot was a painful and daunting process for business and retail customers and in-store associates.


01. The Situation

Multiple independent difficult to understand and navigate product UI’s, none of which were integrated into the Office Depot B2C or B2B websites, all requiring separate logins. This made the ordering process difficult and frustrating for the end user, and required extensive time consuming customer support from Office Depot employees to take orders and move them through to fulfilment.


None of the sites had SEO or visibility into customer behavior, limiting what was known of their online patterns. All of the information gathered about the process therefore was anecdotal.



02. The Challenge

Office Depot required an easy to use, fully integrated ordering and order tracking system for both B2B and B2C customers. A responsive software solution with new feature builds had to occur within weeks rather than years.


The ask To meet this challenge Intelifaz proposed a browser based app that would:


  • A common UI that includes all products.
  • Seamless user experience within the Office Depot website
  • Functionality that provide ease of use for consumers, stores associates and contract customers; all of whom have different levels of knowledge and experience with Copy & Print.
  • Deliver a state of the art, highly interactive, visual web solution while supporting older browsers.
  • Integrate into OD's own technology stack.
  • Visibility of user behavior including data collection, SEO and analytics.
  • A direct web to manufacturing workflow with Stores, Office depot Manufacturing plants and 3rd party providers.

03. The Solution

Intelifaz partnered with Office Depot and their internal development and product teams to completely reimagine the Copy and Print customer experience.

Built an intuitive, easy to use visual configurator that was seamlessly integrated into the Office depot web sites. In tests, users were able to configure complex bound documents 4X faster than with the old method.


Conversion soared to unprecedented levels, as did the number of customers coming into stores to pick up after ordering Print online. The amount of support required from employees dropped drastically as did the costs to move orders through manufacturing.


This was an industry first at the time, integrating visually rich, highly interactive customer experiences with a legacy enterprise technology stack in a seamless cloud to manufacturing flow. Working hand in glove with Office Depot internal development teams a system of continuous improvement, responsive to market needs with bi-weekly software updates was established.

This positioned Office Depot as a digital leader in Print-on-Demand, in control of it’s customer experience and customer data with the ability to rapidly respond to market requirements.

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