Cannabis grower have a solution that provides compliance and detailed cost control and forecasting.


Transforming the Future of Agricultural Production


Quantum Leaf Solutions is a US Based start-up providing optimized technology specifically for the Cannabis sector of the agricultural industry.


01. The Situation

Unlike many other agricultural sectors, the emerging cannabis industry has strict compliance standards that differ from state to state and that require tracking throughout the entire product life cycle - from seed to finished product. Because of the many variables involved in the process, it is complex for farmers to report and adhere to compliance standards.



02. The Challenge

Intelifaz was selected to build its seed to harvest Cannabis specific AgTech platform to help farmers report and adhere to compliance standards.


  • Wide variety of grower processes: indoors, in the field.
  • Diverse cultivation methods.
  • Lack of standarized business practices.
  • Varied state and national compliance agencies.
  • No seamless seed to harvest solution available.

03. The Solution

Intelifaz delivered a state of the art cloud based web application that provides multiple levels of control, tracking and visualization of all the activities and resources that take place in the seed to sale process.


This software solution is responsive to market needs: changes and new feature builds can be built in parallel. The system is integrated into the Nevada, California and Washington state compliance systems and able to add more US states and countries as they legalize cannabis agriculture. Granular detail and ease of use with low ramp up time for new users.

Integrated with Acumatica, the ERP that Quantum Leaf bundled with Quantumz Leaf software for a complete business solution. A seamless seed to harvest experience.

Direct web to manufacturing workflow with manufacturers, and retailers. Plug in IoT components - networked lighting, water and fertilizer management, sensors for soil, temperature, humidity, etc. Machine learning component to analyze strain and cultivation data.



04. The Result

The unique, intuitive user experience provided by Intelifaz has been a key factor in attracting and securing new customers. Based on initial response and adoption Quantum Leaf expects to capture a major portion of the medium to large size cannabis growers. They also have been approached by industry leading sensor and irrigation companies to integrate their products with the Quantum Leaf IoT capable platform.


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