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Make your startup lean, fast, and agile. Our startup-focused services enable you to hit the ground running, right out of the gate, at full speed.

Intelifaz is the experienced team you need to help define, validate, and build out your vision.

We bring years of experience creating disruptive innovation for startups and Fortune 500 companies. We’ve designed and built application development platforms, programming languages, complex visual configurators, and patented a method for self-updating apps. We have the innovation chops that startups thrive on. Let us help you turn your big idea into a disruptive digital experience.

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Services for start-ups

All of our services are customizable, and scalable, and can be tailored and sized to fit your needs at any stage of your growth.

Transformational refactoring


Transform your prototype into a secure, scalable, well-documented, and tested platform ready to deploy.

Team as a service


Hire a fractional team in specialized areas you require for just the hours you need: UX/UI, Front end, Cloud Infrastructure, QA Automation.



Take your idea from concept to working prototype in record time.

Lean startup as a service


From your Idea to MVP to a deployed web and mobile secure, scalable platform. Everything you need to supercharge the development of your startup’s apps, data, and cloud infrastructure.

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The Talent You Need... 

When You Need it

The challenge of assembling a development team with the right experience and expertise can hamstring a startup's ability to execute its business plan and satisfy investors' timelines.

Don’t let your brilliant idea founder on problems in development and difficulties in staff acquisition.

We can provide you with the intellectual resources you need when you need them, make your funding stretch farther, and even help you develop your internal development team without compromising your development timelines.

Development Process

Our Agile Scrum project management methodology is an incremental software development process. Each iteration consists of two-week sprints, where each sprint's goal is to focus on the most important features first and deploy a potentially deliverable component at the end of each 2-week sprint.  This allows for rapid development and can accommodate changes during the development process, ensuring a highly optimized and functional finished product.


Issues are tracked using the JIRA tracking system and source code is maintained in a GITHUB repository. A method for releasing software to the client environment will be agreed upon in advance. Work begins with Sprint Zero activities. In this Sprint, we take care of all infrastructure needs, eliminate uncertainty, and take on whatever initial development capacity allows.

UX / UI Design

You can’t create a successful product for a user if you don’t have a deep understanding of users’ environment, needs, wants, and triggers. That is why it’s critical to start any software development project with a UX process. We can tailor a UX and UI strategy to fit your time and budget constraints.

Systems of Engagement

This is where the rubber meets the road. These are the software applications that customers or employees interact with across all touchpoints (web, tablet, IoT device, mobile). This is the digital experience that defines your relationship with your users and determines whether customers choose to engage with you or not.

Rules-based Configurators

The digitally empowered user has come to expect an easy, frictionless, user experience online. Social media has conditioned users for immediate gratification and shortened users’ attention spans. No matter how complex your product or service is, it will be measured against the effortless experience in apps users use every day.


Intelifaz smart visual configurator technologies allow users to easily configure products or services with real-time pricing and previsualization. Dependencies and rules are built into our configurator algorithms ensuring that customers can only order functional products and services. See the success story of how Intelifaz helped OFFICE DEPOT reimagine its online Print-on-Demand experience with easy-to-use eCommerce configurators.

API integration

The spectacular growth of the cloud has enabled a rapidly growing API economy. No longer do you need to build every service and feature in your software from scratch. You can now integrate those features and functions into your software by integrating highly developed and proven cloud-based services, features, and functionality through APIs. Intelifaz has a wealth of experience integrating systems and services through APIs. When required we can also create APIs.


The cloud is on track to having billions of programmable endpoints. This incredible wealth of resources provides startups with the ability to go from idea to prototype to product in a fraction of the time than was before possible.

Full Stack Development

Our engagement team is composed of engineers across all the required disciplines to assess, recommend and analyze feasibility, challenges, and the best path to successful delivery. We have many years of enterprise experience working with all the technologies that are driving the digital economy and leading-edge web, mobile, and cloud technologies.

QA Methodology

As the user stories are developed in each sprint, the test team will be aligned to each sprint and engage in sprint level testing which would include functional regression, and data feed validation. Once the sprint release is reasonably tested in the iterations we can engage in End-to-End testing that would include performance testing, security testing & compatibility testing.


Intelifaz employs a Whole Team Concept for servicing the testing needs for Agile projects. This is in alignment with the Scrum methodology defined. This involves constant collaboration at every level of project execution. Test Engineers will collaborate with programmers, the business team, and other team specialists.

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Innovation is part of our DNA

We are unique among development firms in the amount of pure R&D, patent IP development, research partnerships, and open-source projects we engage in. This uncompromising commitment to innovation enables us to bring you the most advanced custom software development services and developer talent in the world.

Check out the open-source AppDev platform Intelifaz created:  THE MAT|R PROJECT

Intelifaz patented a method for self-updating apps upon which the platform is built. Intelifaz designed and built a programming language, parsers, JSON spec, and dedicated collaborative cloud-based IDE, among other components, for the project.

Engaging with Intelifaz
on a Development Project

Engagements with Intelifaz generally start with a free, no-obligation strategic assessment of your unique needs.


At Intelifaz we don’t do one size fits all. Every customer solution has its own unique challenges and requirements.


After a free strategic comprehensive review of your needs, we will put together recommendations for the most cost-effective, maintainable, and scalable technology solution for your business, as well as cost and time estimates.