QA Automation Services

Automated Quality Assurance greatly reduces the risks and the costs associated with errors in your software development.  The ever increasing velocity of software releases and the market demand for continuous delivery has made automated end-to-end QA testing an absolute must-have for development projects.


Better Code at Lower Cost

Intelifaze integrates automated testing into your development plan so your team can anticipate errors and produce cleaner code. QA automation allows developers to work in an agile manner testing individual components as they are written, uncovering issues sooner, and making it possible to respond to market feedback on a continuous basis.


Quicker Release Cycles

Want to get your products to market faster, with fewer bugs and less downtime? Intelifaz QA automation is the key. Traditional software development models treat coding and QA testing as serial phases of development.

This means errors will be uncovered much later in the process making fixes much more difficult. From software patches to enhancements, any changes to your product can create new bugs or cause old ones to reemerge. Our automated testing will catch errors as they are produced and are easier to fix.


Hire QA Automation Experts

Get a dedicated QA Automation team integrated into your development project. We can support your project with strategies that combine functional, non-functional, and mobile testing. We cover GUI and API testing. We can have you up and running with a nearshore team located in the same time zone as the USA in a week.