Custom Web Application Development

Intelifaz designs and builds custom web apps tailored to your unique business requirements. Our web applications are optimized for a mobile-centric world and are seamlessly integrated into your legacy systems.


Customer-centric UX and Responsive UI

In the new normal the primary touchpoint for your customers, vendors, and employees is online. Our customer-centric UX strategy is laser-focused on the wants, needs, and pain points of your customers.


Responsive UI design ensures that an awesome engaging digital experience is maintained across all devices and screen sizes.


Open Web Technologies

Intelifaz creates immersive dynamic web applications with the technologies that are driving today’s digital experience. Our applications are scalable, easy to maintain, cross-platform enabled, and ready for the API economy.


We have years of experience integrating cutting edge apps into complex enterprise legacy systems. Whether you are a startup, SMB, or Fortune 500 company we can create the optimal technology stack for your needs.


Top 1% Developers

If you are looking to hire an AngularJS developer, React developer, NodeJS developer, or an elite AppDev team for full-stack web development, talk to us. Our team has unmatched experience with the latest front-end and cloud frameworks and tools and has been employing these technologies in enterprise app development since their inception.


We can have you up and running with a nearshore team located in the same time zone as the USA in a week.