Custom Mobile Application Development

Intelifaz designs and builds custom mobile applications tailored to your unique business requirements seamlessly integrated into your legacy systems.


Customer-centric UX and Responsive UI

In the new normal you are now connecting with many of your customers exclusively through their mobile device.

Our customer-centric design strategies ensure that your mobile customer experience is laser-focused on user preferences, needs, and pain points.

We leverage native smartphone features like voice, accelerometer, camera, GPS, and device pairing to provide a richer and more engaging mobile digital experience.


Native and Low Code Solutions

Intelifaz will match the appropriate mobile AppDev technology to your specific mobile project requirements.

Our development team has extensive experience with iOS and Android native coding environments as well as with hybrid and low code solutions like React Native and Mat|r. This will ensure that you get your app to market faster and at a lower cost.


Top 1%  Developers

If you are looking to hire a highly experienced mobile developer or an elite AppDev team for full-stack mobile development, talk to us. We can have you up and running with a remote team located in the same time zone as the USA in a week.